Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Understanding Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is one of the biggest sexual health concerns in men in that man unable to get proper hardness in penis once he is sexually aroused. There are lots of physical, psychological, neurological and vascular factors behind to lead erectile dysfunction issues. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other health issues are also trigger erectile dysfunction problem.
There are plenty of treatments are available on erectile dysfunction and it is not regarding that you have to live with entire life. You do not feel guilty or embarrass about sexual dysfunction talking with partner or doctor. Emotional burden and stress troubles caused from dysfunction will makes the issues even more. Men feel depressed and take away physically and emotionally by their partner.
The good news for men is that there is medication which is treated effectively on male impotence problem by using the Generic Viagra pill. But the initial thing is that man should discuss about the dysfunction problem with the partner because of the support of the partner may encourage a lot of confidence and find the proper medicine to go a long way curing impotence problem. The second thing is that, a man should talk with doctor because of doctor suggest a proper medication which is suitable for man according to his medical history.

Knowing the process of attaining erection- sexual stimulation push the brain to send a signal to release the muscle or blood vessels which is goes in penile region and supply the proper blood towards the penis. An erection is made once the corpora cavernosa chamber within penis release the blood supply continuously entering in them. The blood is flowing out from the valves which are available in cavernosa chamber. This is responsible to maintain and get an erection for required time once sexually aroused.
High blood pressure, arthrosclerosis, heart problems and multiple sclerosis are some health issues impact on the blood supply within the penis. It is conclude that the psychological factors are also highly responsible to get erectile dysfunction in men. The research shows that near about 20% impotence men are caused by psychological reason such as anxiety, stress, depression, and over work load. Thus try to be happy every time to get rid of stress or depression.