Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lack of Iron Responsible to Hair Loss

Generally hair fall occur due to plenty of reasons but iron inadequacy is the major reason behind hair fall in both men and women. In pharmacy language iron inadequacy is typical called as anemia. This is the situation in that body contains lower iron level. According to research it is found that near about 80% of people are experiencing with iron inadequacy. Lack of iron happens due to poor diet which supply insufficient iron intake to the body as a result reduces the blood cells which lead to anemia that connect with the problem of hair follicles. If one of the people affected with this problem there is high chances of hair fall and hair loss.
So, you want to prevent hair fall or maintain hair you should add iron rich foods in your diet. Other factors are also responsible for hair loss and these factors are as lack of vitamin B12 and folic acid. Always physician prescribed vitamin and iron contain medication of the treatment on hair fall.
Here is the list of foods that available with full of iron and get long hair:

Foods rich with iron for Dazzling Shiny hair are as fish, dry fruits, meat, wheat germ, legumes, molasses, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, soybean, whole grains and tofu.
Known about lack of iron
Causes for lack of iron falls with three major factors as inadequacy of iron supply within the body, blood loss and reduce the iron consumption.
Some causes of iron inadequacy lead to hair fall are as:
Found the lower iron consumption or poor iron intake by foods.
Some food like as coffee, dried beans, split peas and black tea are also the factor to reduce the iron intake within the blood stream.
Vitamin C along with iron rich diet is the best combination to absorb iron intake within the blood stream to get good hair.
Thus it is required to everyone who suffer hair fall problem have consume healthy diet then lack of nutrient issue should not become major factor.
Regular simple exercise and stress management is also required with the above tips. There is plenty of best medication on the hair fall problem available on online market.