Friday, 15 February 2013

Male Impotence- causes and its types

Male impotence or Erectile Dysfunction becomes quick spreading issues in this world especially in well developed countries. Impotence is the term is used for men who have not got well sexual health. There are plenty of causes that can create such type of sexual health problems among men.
The most common cause of male impotence are listed below

  1. Chain smoking cigarette
  2. Depression, Anger and Stress
  3. Too much intake of Alcoholism
  4. Drug abuse for several times

When erectile dysfunction or impotence problem occurred at that time circulation of blood flow is not entered continuously in the men penile region. This is generally happens as a result of blockage arteries and nerves.
Following are the common types of Male impotence
Psychological Impotence- psychological factors generally happens because of disturb mind. In this situation problem is completely lies in men mind. Whenever this condition is occur there is no physical condition responsible for that. Psychological impotence is generally displays because of men are experience with the depression, anxiety and stress.
Impotence and Diabetes- impotence also occur from diabetes. The person who are experience with type 1 and type 2 diabetes get erectile dysfunction problem. Near about 50% of diabetic men throws in the impotence issues all over the world.
Arteriogenic impotence- It is ordinarily ascertained in a very recent folks during this case arteries become fine and unable to pass spare blood to erectile organ. High pressure and diabetic person are a lot of susceptible to this downside.
Mixed kind of impotence- It happens once quite one issue is answerable for inflicting impotence. It involves each physical issue also as psychological factors.