Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Lovegra to Treat Sexual Dysfunction

Both men and women have suffering from physical as well as psychological condition. This condition is different for fewer times but several times this is similar in men and women. So that both men and women living with similar diseases or condition but only men have option of Generic Viagra to cure from sexual health problem such as impotence, low libido, premature ejaculation but not that type of option for women. After long research physician are find out the best remedy which is cure of women sexual health issues in effective manner. This medication is very similar as Viagra so that named as Women Viagra or Lovegra for women.
Lovegra100mg is the most popular medication which is applicable to treat on women sexual dysfunction issues and get pleasurable moment at the end of climax. Lovegra medicine is granted by the FDA so that it is trusted and safe medication to use.
Lovegra medicine works for last 4-6 hours after it consume and performs effectively when woman is fully sexual desire. You may take Lovegra tablet with food or without food. But try to avoid heavy food because of it decrease the effects of medicine. But the best way to take lovegra pill is with a glass of water. This medication can work effectively once women are sexually triggered in bed which may increase their sexual emergence. Lovegra is made with sildenafil citrate drug turn and its best choice for women to cure sexual dysfunction.