Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Important Eye Care tips

Eyes are very soft and sensational part of our body and it is also necessary and sensory organs to see the world. Imagine that what a blind person can facing lots of problem having no vision. You should think on it and should follow important eye care tips to prevent from blindness and other eye problems.

Following are some simple tips for eye care:
  • Eyes get stressed out because of the work load pressure or as a result of improper use of it. Once you work on computer or read keep a proper distance in between screen and your eyes. You should adjust the screen light and screen display because of no strain directly on your eyes. If you seem any type of stress on your eyes simply close eyes for little time spam and open gently.
  • Strain generally happens as a result of bad light, over controlled on mind, mental stress and sometimes poor blood circulation in mind.
  • Clean your eyes with cold water. Sprinkle cold water on eyes this process repeated twice in a day generally in morning and evening and after that gently wipe with towel. You feel cool and relaxed eyes.
  • Blinking your eyes for few seconds will help to keep away from stress or strain. Gently blink eyes when you are watching TV because it also facilitates to keep eyelids downwards and feel cool and relaxed.
  • Proper Food is additionally essential for healthy eyes and vision. Intake of foods that contain Vitamin A like watermelon, carrot, spinach, fish are terribly helpful for eyes. Additionally intake of green leafy vegetables and fruits are needed for healthy vision.
  • If you're tired running behind the daily routine and wish some restful for your strained eyes then the simplest thanks to cool your eyes is that the moonlight. Scrutinize the moon for typically your eyes can naturally feel cool. Additionally if you progress out for walk scrutinize the leaf or a cool sky. All this can assist you to stay your eyes cool and build them stress free.