Thursday, 31 January 2013

Zenegra – Complete Treatment of male impotence

Zenegra is the very effective medicine which is treating on male impotence issue. This medication have shows good result in short time of interval. Zenegra drug is the generic medicine of the branded Viagra that contains Sildenafil citrate which is active chemical ingredient help to solve the male impotence or erectile dysfunction. When men are experiencing with impotence at that time they have live with low confidence and low self esteem. But if men consumed Zenegra drug this situation may get changed and give the self confidence.
Zenegra is generic version so that the price cost of this drug is very cheap as compare to brand one and it is affordable for everyone. When you have feel urge of sex at that time you can consume Zenegra one table in a day and its regular consumption can lead addiction and it is not good for your health.
Zenegra is anti-impotence medicine which is taken with a full glass of water and it should take 30 minutes before your sexual intercourse because of it shows the result next to the 30 minutes after it consume. It helps to increase the blood supply within the penis that is essential to get strong erection throughout the sexual activity.